Kiwanis Clubs of Downers Grove

The men of the Kiwanis Club of LaGrange originally started the Kiwanis Club of Downers Grove March 25, 1947. That year the village enjoyed its first Fall Festival, organized by the newly-formed Kiwanis Club. The Festival was held at the high school, to benefit the youth of the community and feature their talent.

Honors, Special Service and Awards

2016 Chantel Riha Kiwanis Leadership Award
2008 Waring Webb Kiwanis Leadership Society
2007 Lorie Pilster Kiwanis Leadership Society
2006 Bob Jacobs Outstanding Citizen (Dist 58)
2003 Lisa Rasin Citizen of the Year (Village of DG)
2002 Lisa Rasin Hixon (Kiwanis International)
2001 Keith Hoffman Hixon (Kiwanis International)
2000 Waring Webb Hixon (Kiwanis International)
1998 Tim McJoynt Citizen of the Year (Village of DG)
1997 Herb Jacobs Hixon (Kiwanis International)
1997 Boneta Morris Hixon (Kiwanis International)
1996 Boneta Morris Lieutenant Govenor Division 9
1996 Reine Widiger Hixon (Kiwanis International)
1990 Tom Michael Lieutenant Govenor Division 9
1989 Jim Stahl Citizen of the Year (Village of DG)
1988 Curtis Frank Alexander Graham Bell (Illinois Bell)
1982 Barry Crawley Lieutenant Govenor Division 9

Past Presidents

2015-7 Boneta Morris
2014 Waring Webb
2010-3 Boneta Morris
2009 Lorie Pilster
2008 Gretchen Sauer
2007 Waring Webb
2006 Gloria Caracello
2005 Boneta Morris
2004 Becky Anderson
2003 Lorie Pilster
2002 Frank Filippi
2001 Peter Babich
2000 Patrick Smith
1999 George Dan Dan
1998 Keith Hoffman
1997 Vaughn Nelson
1996 Phil Keller
1995 Boneta Morris
1994 Waring Webb
1993 Boneta Morris
1992 Agnes Burman
1991 Frank DuFour
1990 Curtis Frank
1989 Herb Jacobs
1988 Tom Michael
1987 LeRoy James
1986 Charles Olson
1985 Dean Gregory
1984 Tim McJoynt
1983 Len Sukut
1982 Frank DuFour
1981 Barry Crawley
1980 Dr. Bill White
1979 Barry Crawley