Photos of Main 342 N. Western Building - Exterior

Picture #1: North wall view was taken from elevated train tracks at the second floor level. It shows the third floor windows. There are no second floor windows and the track siding entrance door has been secured.

Picture #2: West wall view shows second and third floor windows and the roof of warehouse building #3. The second floor windows are bricked-in and the computer room windows have glass blocks. The stairwell window in the middle has been secured.

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Photos of Main 342 N. Western Building - Interior

Picture #3: Disconnect for a 3-phase transformer is in the first floor main entrance hall. This disconnect and the adjacent panel have not been damaged.

Picture #4: The first floor main entrance hall fuse and switch panel that is seen partially in picture #3 was not damaged.

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Picture #5: The first floor main entrance hall junction box above the fuse and switch panel in picture #4 was also untouched.

Picture #6: This first floor main entrance hall identical junction box approximately 15 feet to right of the junction box of picture #5 was stripped of all wires.

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Picture #7: The first floor main entrance hall open fuse panel that is located just below the junction box in picture #6 was stripped of all wires. The smashed backboard from this panel was located in the north maintenance area. This panel was a safety hazard.
















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Picture #8: Located on the first floor in the rear hall in front of bathrooms, this open fuse panel has two pole open knife switches that opened both the neutral and the "hot" conductor. In addition there is a fuse in the neutral conductor. This panel was an extreme safety hazard.

Picture #9: The panel of picture #8 is shown with the backboard in the position as found. The incoming supply wires were cut leaving a substantial stub. Note the two conductor load cables.

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Picture #10: In the first floor central kitchen, the disconnects and controls were left untouched.

Picture #11: Controls for HVAC were opened but not disturbed.

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Picture #12: The ventilating motors were left in place.

Picture #13: This is a second view of the ventilating motors.





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Picture #14: In the first floor central kitchen, the electrical outlets and switches were not damaged.

Picture #15: The numerous first floor boiler room controls were not damaged

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Picture #16: The first floor loading dock controls were not damaged

Picture #17: The first floor loading dock and boiler room fuse and switch panel was not damaged.

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Picture #18: In first floor maintenance area we found evidence that it was used for material collection. A fire was set with rags atop the circuit panel, but did very little damage to the building. The panel itself suffered wire insulation damage due to the heat. A smashed backboard from the front hallway panel was found here.






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Picture #19: The second floor laboratory room #3B auxiliary panel which was no longer in service and had only one circuit was stripped of its wiring. The existing room panel which was in use and had many circuits was left untouched.

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Picture #20: The third floor computer room was no longer in service. The main supply wires were cut from the panels. The main disconnect from the auxiliary panel was carefully removed and set aside. It is believed that the load wires had been removed previously.

Picture #21: The older computer room panel also had its load circuits removed previously. The aluminum supply wires were left in place, but one was cut.

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Photos of 342 N. Western warehouse and storage building #2

Picture #22: The main service was 277/480 volt 2000 amp 3-phase which served the entire complex.

This service was removed. Note the twelve foot fiberglass ladder left behind the panel. Visible in the center are the three 2000 amp fuses just below the remains of the disconnect. Above the fuse and disconnect compartment would have been the metering compartment. To the left was the switchboard section for the distribution safety switches and breakers. Coming up through the floor is the wires for the main 342 building and other areas. Note that a substantial stub was left for these wires. Further to the left one can see one of the many step-down transformers. These transformers were not damaged.
















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Picture #23: All busses were removed from the incoming service section above the metering compartment. Note that all conduits are in place and not damaged.

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Picture #24: An auxiliary fuse pane in the main service area of building #2 was stripped. Note that the newer Seimens breakers in an adjacent sub-panel were left untouched even though the wire was removed. Also note the extra wire left in the lower junction.








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